Circular Saw machine and its uses

C ircular saw machines were invented in late 18th Century. Firstly they were used in sawmills. Circular saw machine is used to cut many materials the metals, woods, plastic and also used on construction sites. These are the power tools which are helping you to cut the material very quickly and accurately. These machines can be hand-held or mounted to any other machines. Circular saw machine is generally used for cutting in line with the grain. It uses the blades which are in rotatory motions spinning around at arbor. Depending on the blade that you select the cutting of the material takes place. Circular saws use a round blade that is edged with sharp metal teeth.

Use of Circular saw machine:
Circular Saw Uses: It is normally used for cutting wood, wallboard or plasterboard, framing materials. Circular saw’s can be also used for some material that is not wood, like plastic or masonry material. By simply changing the blade you can start doing your work on other things.

Types of Circular saw machine:
If there is only form of saw for wood working, it’s a circular saw machine. They have a round or circular blade full of various teeth designed for fast and repetitive cuts.
Circular saws are designed for hand operation rather than being fixed or bench-mounted. There are two common circular saw types:
Circular saws are the most versatile electric cutting tools. Like all tools, there’s a learned skill involved in operating circular saws. They let you perform these main cut types with one machine:
Crosscuts: These are the mainly used for woodworking cuts. Used for cutting across the wood’s grain.
Rip Cuts: These circular saw cuts are used more in rough carpentry than fine woodworking. They saw the wood lengthways along the grain and are usually used to make smaller lumber or panel sections.
Combination Cuts: Combination cuts are more to blade design than actual cutting. Combination blades on circular saws have teeth set to do both cross and rip cuts. Many woodworkers use combination blades on their circular saws most of the time.

Why Zeal Tech Automation:
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