Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting Circular Saw Machine

We are the prominent manufacturer of excellent range of Tube Cutting Machine. With a simple and compact structure, rigorous and precise movement control, our high speed equipment is of the best quality. The solid and compact tools distinguish themselves by their safe and high-quality cutting function.

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Standard Autoloader

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Bundle Autoloader

Construction/Functional Detail:

• Torsion free construction of Heavy duty Fabricated Structure of Machine.
• Infinitely variable controlled cutting feed.
• Cutting feed through Ball Screw Servo motor and V F D for Variable cutting speed.
• Rapid approach (reference) movement of Cutting Head by Ball Screw Servo motor.
• Indexing of job through Ball Screw Servo motor arrangement.
• Auto return of cutting head after completion of cut.
• Auto and manual mode for cycle sequence.
• Hydraulic / Pneumatic Operated job clamping horizontal Vice.
• Heavy duty reduction Gearbox for heavy cutting torque directly coupled to main saw motor mounted on linear guide ways for vibration free cutting to optimize cutter life and production.
• Inbuilt flood coolant tank or micro mist cooling arrangement.
• Electrical Control Panel with high quality switchgears.
• The saw motor speed is controlled with A. C. frequency drive.
• Horizontal Saw stroke, optimized to achieve the shortest stroke of the Saw.
• Power Driven brushes for cleaning of chips from circular blades.
• Automatic trim Cut.
• Cut of length measured by PLC Using Servo Drive arrangement.
• Crop Cut & End Cut Separator.
• PLC Control system with Touch Screen H M I.
• Powered Chip conveyor.
• Auto Lubrication pump.
• Variable Clamping Pressure.

Optional Supply:

• Auto Loading Table (4 Meter) suitable for 6 meter tube
• Auto Loading Table (4+4 Meter) suitable for 12 meter tube
• Auto Loading Table suitable for complete bundle loading
• Chamfering and centering Attachment
• In-feed Roller Table (4 Meter)
• Auto Un-Loading / out feed table suitable
• Vertical Cutter Movement by Break Servo