We provide wide range of Vertical Band Saw Machines .We are well renowned as one of the prominent sawing machine manufacturer and supplier in India. The machines are manufactured with premium quality material to ensure its accuracy and high rate of production. These machines provide vibration free cutting that optimize production & blade life.Easy operating system, long lasting life and high authenticity are the unique features of machines. Available in Manual, Semi Automatic & Automatic variants.


• Torsion Free Heavy Duty fabricared structure.
• Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Guide faces with Ball Bearings.
• Frictional type Wire Brush.
• Hydraulic blade tension arrengement(Optional).
• Hydraulic Control Table Movement(Optional).
• Hydraulic Clamping Arrengement(Optional).
• Variably frequency Drive(Optional).
• Automatic Blade stops when Blade Breaks(Optional).
• Blade Speed controlled A.C. Frequency Drive(Optional).
• Tilting Table 45 deg RH/LH(Optional).
• In build coolant tank with Two way cooling(Optional).

Vertical Band Saw Machine Manual


• Torsion free construction of Heavy duty Fabricated Structure of Machine. • Cutting Tool (Blade) guided on the two wheel of graded cast Iron. • Hydraulic blade tension arrangement. • Hydraulic table travel. • Table with “T” Slots for clamping various jobs. • Automatic Blade stops when blade breaks. • Separate Hydraulic Power pack for easy maintenance. • Tungsten Carbide faces Blade Guides. • Heavy duty reduction Gearbox for heavy cutting torque. • Inbuilt coolant tank with Two-way cooling arrangement. • Electrical Control Panel with high quality switchgears. • Step Pulley for Band speed selections. • Rack for Rising and Lowering of Top Guide. • Motor Protection with Thermal over Load relay and MCB. • Length Setting Stopper (Optional).


A stress relived heavy duty fabricated table guided on two hard chrome plated guide bars or on Liner Guide Ways and have an infinitely variable hydraulic feed 0-150 mm/min. controlled through a feed control valve.


Please note, we are giving standard, hydraulic blade tensioning. Kindly note, this is most important aspect in the performance of blade, as to get better blade and consistent blade life, there should be a perfect tension, as designated by the blade manufacturer for this size of the blade. Our tensioning equipment has been calibrated for the desired tension, which will never change during operation. This you cannot expect from manual blade tension equipment and hence hydraulic tensioning should be a standard feature.


• VFD for various band speeds.
• Machine lamp.
• Micro Mist Coolant Arrangement
• Butt Welding Machine with Blade Shearing and Grinding

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